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Youkai no Oisha-san Spoiler 2 and a little bit raw

Spoiler 2

Everyone had forgot everything which happened in the forest (except kuro and kotoko). At kotoko's house , she was attacked by a creepy monster and she asked kuro to exorcised it , but unfortunately he told her that he can't do an exorcism but, he does can cure it. 

this is what I mean by creepy

She mad at kuro and take her own action to exorcise it. It turns out that creepy monster is a tsuchikorobi and was her friend in the past, it suck a negative reiki in her body , so whenever she felt sad she will eventually forget about it .. 

Because of her negative reiki , it has become a creepy monster and even so , she still tried to kill it , when she want to cancel the shikigami , the shikigami tried to kill her , and the tsuchikorobi protected her.

She thought that the tsuchikorobi died because of it , but fortunately, Kuro able to save it. To redeem her fault , she choose to become a ghost doctor too.

Youkai no Oisha-san Spoiler 1 and a little bit raw

This is the first time I made a spoiler , so sorry if there's something wrong ..

Spoiler 1 (Kotoko's point of view):

Kotoko was the granddaughter of a famous exorcist. She can see ghost , but she can't exorcise them even though she pretend that she can. Until then, she saw Kuro (main character) being stuck with many evil spirits and accidentally she saw him in evil mode. ( I really can't describe this evil mode , so I just took the photo to make you understand. )
The quality is rather bad , cause I took it with my phone. 
She tried to ask him that does he can see ghost ? But Kuro pretend that he can't see it . Kotoko conviced him and Kuro can't help it , so he told her the truth . Suddenly her friend comes and she asked kotoko to exorcised evil spirit in a haunted forest and she accepted this request cause she want to fulfill everyone's expectations. 

In the forest , Kotoko was being attacked by kappa, fortunately , she was being saved by Kuro. He told her that, that kappa had a disease so , he will try to cure it and told it to release their classmate. Kotoko confused and ask him who he is .. Kuro can't help it but to tell the truth to Kotoko that he was a Ghost Doctor.

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Youkai no Oisha-san

Youkai are mysterious, trouble-making spirits and demons that have tormented Japan for centuries. Kotoko’s grandfather exorcised them for a living, but Kotoko never thought that her family lineage was an asset. Then she meets Kuro, a youkai doctor. Youkai have doctors? Now Kotoko is learning firsthand that healing youkai is a lot more challenging than getting rid of them!

Associated Names:
Mr. Ghost Doctor
Yêu Quái Y Sinh
Yokai Doctor
Youkai Doctor
Youkai no Oishasan

Status in Country of Origin:
15 Volumes (Complete)

Action, Comedy, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural 

Author and Artist(s):
Satou Yuuki

Kodansha (2007)

For raw from volume1-2:

Youkai no Oisha-san v01 - [ ]Click to Download! } 
Youkai no Oisha-san v01 - [ ]Click to Download! } 
Youkai no Oisha-san v01 - [ ]Click to Download! } 
Youkai no Oisha-san v02 - [ ]Click to Download! } 
Youkai no Oisha-san v02 - [ ]Click to Download! } 
Youkai no Oisha-san v02 - [ ]Click to Download! } 

Summer Collection (y)

This is some of my summer collection ;)
My favorite is Ghost Doctor or you can call it Youkai no Oisha-san
For now, I have 3 volumes out of 14 volumes or more .
The story until now still make me feel excited, I'm gonna release some spoiler from chapter 1 - end of volume 3.
It's so sad that no one try to scanlate this interesing manga.
You can see some manga spoiler that I make at this blog .
Just click these title :

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Rocherre Melody

no , that's not the thing you should make
that's not the choice you should decide 
everything gonna be alright 
just the way it is

good that you try to hold me
no , you shouldn't try to pull me down
you said your choice never wrong
but who knows

You look kind of disappointed 
that I made you cry
But I'm so sorry
cause I never meant to

We'll never be apart
cause there's nothing to afraid of
We're always together
cause there's only death that will do us part