Sunday, May 8, 2011

Youkai no Oisha-san Spoiler 2 and a little bit raw

Spoiler 2

Everyone had forgot everything which happened in the forest (except kuro and kotoko). At kotoko's house , she was attacked by a creepy monster and she asked kuro to exorcised it , but unfortunately he told her that he can't do an exorcism but, he does can cure it. 

this is what I mean by creepy

She mad at kuro and take her own action to exorcise it. It turns out that creepy monster is a tsuchikorobi and was her friend in the past, it suck a negative reiki in her body , so whenever she felt sad she will eventually forget about it .. 

Because of her negative reiki , it has become a creepy monster and even so , she still tried to kill it , when she want to cancel the shikigami , the shikigami tried to kill her , and the tsuchikorobi protected her.

She thought that the tsuchikorobi died because of it , but fortunately, Kuro able to save it. To redeem her fault , she choose to become a ghost doctor too.

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